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Q: How big are the snow sculptures?
: Some events are a little different but most snow blocks start 3 meters x 3 meters x 3 meters, which is equivelent to 10 feet x 10 feet x 10 feet. Loveland's Snow Sculpture Competition's blocks are 8 feet x 6 feet x 8 feet and weigh approximately 7 tons

Q: Is it snow or ice?
: Snow. Ice is one frozen cube, whereas snow is one block made up of many small crystals of man made snow.

Q: What kind of tools are allowed?
: Only hand tools are allowed in snow sculpting. Shovels, hand scrapers and choppers, chisels. A lot of my tools are made by myself or other team members.

Q: How many people per team?
A: It depends on the event. 3 to 4 is usually the limit on team members.

Q: How long do you get to complete each sculpture?
: Again it depends on the event. Some events only allow 3 full days while others may allow up to 5 full days. Typically anywhere from 40 - 60 man hours are allowed.

Q: How do you choose where you are going to compete next?
: We start receiving invitations in the summer. We are required to submit a drawing of our idea along with team member information. The event ultimately choses the best teams from the applications it receives.

Q: What are your favorite pieces?
: The piece "Brighter Than Ever" in Breckenridge CO in 2002 was crafted as a tribute after 9/11, to the strength of our country. That piece took 3rd place.

And also, our People's Choice awards:
"Spokes" - 2009 in Nayaro, Japan
"Common Thread" - 2006 in Grindelwald, Switzerland

It is a huge honor to have the people vote you the best.


Contact artist Steve Mercia via e-mail or call: (970) 218-9417 


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